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Basic Hearing Aid Training

***   Provided at no cost as a public service of Each Ear, LLC   ***

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Wouldn’t it be nice if caregivers had the following hearing aid training? 


  1. Consistent hearing aid wearing

  2. The various styles of hearing aids

  3. Powering hearing aids on and off

  4. Safeguarding hearing aids and loss prevention

  5. Hearing aid cleaning and maintenance

  6. Hearing aid insertion

  7. When to reach out to a medical professional or a hearing aid professional


With great respect and appreciation for our amazing caregivers worldwide, the video-version of this BASIC HEARING AID TRAINING for CAREGIVERS™ is provided as a public service of Each Ear, LLC. 


A printed Facility Reference Guide is also available.

For Captions, on "Watch on YouTube".

After watching Basic Hearing Aid Training for Caregivers™ 

take the quiz and print your Certificate of Completion!

Sample Certificate

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Your Instructors

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