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Residents' Hearing Aid Chart™.png

Residents' Hearing Aid Chart™


Document the whereabouts and cleaning of each Resident's hearing aids.

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Tool Chartv2.png

Tool Chart™


This chart will help you organize the appropriate tools for each style of hearing aid. 

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ear canal chart_2up_160317.jpg

Each Ear Canal Identification Guide™

If you struggle to insert the RIC speaker into your residents’ ear canal, you can print off a FREE copy and give it to your medical professional or hearing aid professional, and ask them to indicate the initial angle and first bend for you.  

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Cleaning Tools.png

Cleaning Tools


This link will enable you to order these cleaning tools. 

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Each Ear home page.png


All about Gruv Button Technology™ and Each Ear, LLC.


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Facility Reference Guide™


Coming soon. This link will enable you to order this 132-page, printed version of the training video which is a handy reference to all of the material covered, and more!  We recommend one per floor. 

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More Information

More Information Pages

Provides links to a variety of sources for more specific and deeper information on the material covered during training. 

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Invite others to sign petition.png

Invite others to sign our petition!


Share this link with your friends and family.  Tell them, it's free; we do NOT want any donations. 

Each Ear, LLC donates to so after you sign the petition, just close out.  Thank you!

Image of Clinic-Association-Agency Brochure2.png

Clinic/Association/Agency Brochure


Hearing aid professionals, Community-Based Residential Facility (CBRF) and Long Term Care (LTC) facility associations, and caregiving facility agencies may personalize (with their contact information) this Basic Hearing Aid Training for Caregivers™ brochure, then save it, and then email it to caregiving facilities as a courtesy.   


Great community outreach tool!

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Certificate of Completion (Facility) 8.5x11 (002).jpg



Caregiving facilities: once your caregivers have completed Basic Hearing Aid Training for Caregivers™, you may customize this Facility-Certificate and display it for your residents and prospective residents. 



2 DisplayStands.jpg
3 DisplayStands.jpg

No-cost Conference Displays


Caregiving associations, schools and agencies and hearing aid clinics may order these displays, at no cost, for their annual conferences.  Members, students and clients will appreciate you making them aware of this free video education entitled, Basic Hearing Aid Training for Caregivers™!

Just send your conference information to  Thank you.


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