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A Sense of Perspective

Are they designing for you?


Well, this is an interesting perspective.  Hazel, please start us off.”

"Thank you, Judge Atender.  The average age of first-time Hearing Aid Users - is 70.  Think of that; if the average age is 70, how many older users struggle with arthritis in their fingers or numbness in their fingers?  Stiffness.  And how many people over 70 struggle with shoulder issues or limited range of motion in their elbows?  How many have ear canals with challenging angles, bends, and are obstructed by cartilage?  (Most, in Valerie’s experience.)  Now add visual impairment so it’s harder to see.


I submit, your Honor, youth is wasted on the young!"


The average age of a Manufacturers’ hearing-aid-design-engineer is what, 25?  Somewhere around there - 30?  (I should add, when I was 19 - I knew everything!  I was so smart; you couldn’t tell me anything!)  Today, after work, the young engineers may go play soccer.  How could they possibly know what it's like to be 70 years old, 80 years old, 90 years old?  

Think of that, your Honor.  It's no wonder they have been incapable of empathizing with their customers trying to insert their hearing aid speakers.” *


"Thank you, Hazel and ValerieHopefully, the young engineers will have a eureka moment sooner than later!”


* Except for two engineers.  See a portion of their patent application number 2009/0082801 A1 which describes the problems with hearing aid insertion.

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