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High Praise for the Hearing Aid Manufacturers

Each Ear, LLC has high praise for hearing aid manufacturers, their audiologists who assist practitioners every day, and the hard-working representatives who support practitioners in their clinics as they care for people with hearing loss. 


Over the years, this industry has developed utterly amazing technology in the areas of sound processing, speech-in-noise management, directional microphones, rechargeability and connectivity.  These enhancements took – and take – an incredible amount of effort, skill, time and support.  High praise for the hearing aid manufacturers – and sincere respect.


Each Ear’s president is very proud, and feels truly blessed, to be part of this industry and to help people with their hearing and understanding of speech.


But, when it comes to insertion of the receiver (speaker), the young hearing aid design engineers and their managers are missing the mark; they must become aware of the bona fide need to rectify hearing aid speakers with Gruv Button Technology™. 


This is what Each Ear is doing; making sure they get the message loud and clear.  Its president is determined to get through to them because sufficiently deep insertion of the speaker into the ear canal truly is a big deal!


The president’s goal is to praise the young design engineers (whose youth and current juvenile indifference is personified as “Whip, the Whippersnapper”) for learning and then acting on this new awareness with sincere empathy.


The entire industry benefits with Gruv Button Technology™!  All hearing aid users, practitioners, hearing aid manufacturers, and veterans; the entire hearing aid industry.

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