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Question and Answer

Q: What do you mean by “ergonomically designed”?

A: Gruv Buttons™ are carefully designed with special features that accommodate the fingertips, including:

  • Fingertip Support(s)

  • Fingernail Gruv(s)

  • Fingernail Backstop(s)

Q: Do Gruv Buttons™ help with retention?

A: Yes.  Gruv Buttons™ help ensure that the receiver is sufficiently deep in the canal which, of course, contributes to improved retention.

Q: Will Gruv Buttons™ create occlusion?

A: No, because Gruv Button™ technology would be about the same diameter as the receiver.

Q: How far do Gruv Buttons™ stick out?

A: Because Gruv Button™ technology is to be built right in to the receiver and the receiver is sufficiently deep in the canal, the receiver will likely be less noticeable than it would be without Gruv Buttons™.

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