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What good are my expensive hearing aids

Hi, I'm Valerie.  Having actually dispensed hearing aids in thousands of ears and for many years, I am aware of REALITY.  Let me tell you that veterans, people with physical limitations, seniors, and people with challenging ear canals truly struggle to insert their expensive hearing aids into the canal sufficiently deep.


I posted this most-appropriate

illustration on Facebook.


First: it is too difficult to manipulate and control the receiver as the user attempts to insert it deeply enough in the auditory canal.  The receiver’s inadequate, smooth surface area does not accommodate the fingertip so the fingertip slides off and past the receiver.

Second: our patients’ auditory canals are often; angled (sometimes sharply) in one direction or another, include various bends, and obstructed by cartilage.

There are three reasons why people experience difficulty with insertion of RIC-style hearing aids:

Third: our patients are often older and may have physical limitations and disabilities (including mobility limitations, tremor and dexterity issues) and, along with all of this, limited patience.

Remember; people use their fingertips to insert the receiver – so the solution is a device that facilitates fingertip insertion of the receiver by providing:

  • Real access to the receiver

  • Real control over the receiver, and

  • Real ability to manipulate the receiver


The internationally patented Gruv Button Technology™ is ergonomically designed to improve RIC-style hearing aid manageability and effectiveness because users gain better access to and control over their receivers. 


Gruv Button™ Ergonomic Design
Fingertip Support™
Fingernail Backstop™
Fingernail Gruv™

11-21-2020 resized fingernail color blow

Patients can now use their fingertips to maneuver the receiver past the obstructing cartilage and down the angled and bending canal so that the receiver is positioned sufficiently deep in the canal. 

Notice how the fingertip and fingernail fit into the Gruv Button™ making it so much easier to control and manipulate the receivers.

11-21-2020 resized fingernail color circ

My fellow Practitioners, we know that when the receivers are inserted deeply enough, patients enjoy:

  • Optimal hearing and understanding

  • Hearing aids that are more secure (purging fear of loss)

  • Reduced feedback, and

  • Hearing aids that are less noticeable (because wire closer to the head)


And, of course, you and the industry enjoy:

  • Happier, more successful patients

  • Reduced returns

  • An enhanced reputation for RIC-style hearing aids, and

  • An higher presteige for the hearing aid industry


The entire industry benefits with Gruv Button Technology™!  All Hearing Aid Users, Practitioners, Hearing Aid Manufacturers, and Veterans; the entire hearing aid industry.



Hearing Aid Manufacturers, our patients should always come first, don't you agree?


Please sign our petition for Valerie, your patients and yourself.

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